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  • This Dell 7-inch tablet with a slide-out keyboard will never be made

    Word has been flying around the Web that Dell has a 7-inch prototype tablet sporting a slide-out QWERTY keyboard in the works. The problem is the prototype is years old, and was the inspiration for the Inspiron Duo. Still, the amount of attention the images brought should say something to Dell, namely that if they […]

  • Nokia CTO Richard Green takes “leave of absence”

    After only a year on the job, Nokia’s chief technology officer Richard Green has taken a leave of absence. Nokia said it is for a “personal matter,” and Green’s return date is still to be determined. The big question is if Green really left for personal reasons, or was this sparked by Nokia’s decision to […]

  • SSL certificate provider exposes its own private key online — or did it?

    Earlier this year, Comodo found itself at the center of an SSL controversy when the company was duped into issuing false certificates for some high-profile domains including,,, and  Since Comodo is a trusted root certificate issuing authority on all Windows and OS X versions, the fraudulent certs could have caused some […]

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