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  • Twitter finally adds its own URL shortening service

    Twitter users will be happy to know that the site is finally launching its own URL shortening feature. Third-party link shorteners like and Tiny.url are all well and good, but they require an extra step when not used within a Twitter client that automatically shortens URLs, like Tweetdeck. Before, the user would have to […]

  • Samsung Series 5 Chromebook gets torn down

    The folks at iFixit have gotten their hands on the new Series 5 Chromebook from Samsung, the first production Chromebook on the market. Of course they rip it apart and comb through the remains to understand what’s inside, and they compare it to the original Cr-48 Chromebook that was handed out to developers and enthusiasts […]

  • Wii U discs will store 25GB of data

    One of Nintendo‘s chief game designers let slip to Kotaku that the discs that will hold Wii U titles will be beefier than your average DVD. They are more like a Blu-ray disc, even though the drive won’t be a Blu-ray drive. They’ll be 25GB discs, and proprietary to Nintendo. That means not only did […]

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