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  • Students design radiation-proof tent for camping on Mars

    It’s hard to imagine, but someday, we may be going camping on Mars. Though that’s not actually going to happen anytime soon, a team of aerospace and textile engineering students from North Carolina State University are working on a Mars-friendly tent for astronauts to stay in when they visit the fourth planet from the Sun. […]

  • Felt Mouse is geeky, fuzzy, and beautiful

    People in the design world are going crazy for designer Joey Roth’s Felt Mouse. You heard us right, it’s a computer mouse made out of felt. The minimalistic design is what really makes this mouse so appealing. There aren’t a lot of details about the making of the mouse or the materials, but it seems the […]

  • PC manufacuters moving to thin, slot-loading optical drives

    If you walked around the show floor at Computex in Taipei, you’d notice something in common about the vast majority of PC manufacturers: all of the optical drives in their desktops and laptops, whether they’re CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray drives, are all slot-loaders. That’s because manufacturers as a whole are standardizing on slot-loading optical drives, […]

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