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  • CCleaner now offers Mac users its junk removal magic

    Multi-platform computing is always a bit more enjoyable when you have access to your favorite applications on all the operating systems you use. Like many of you, I’ve been using CCleaner to remove temp files and other unwanted cruft from my Windows systems for ages. On my Mac Mini, however, I had to make do […]

  • Newest Rage gameplay trailer is 8 minutes of story and shootouts

    Last month, Bethesda and id Software delivered five minutes of action-packed gameplay from the upcoming FPS Rage in a trailer called The Shrouded. Back then, they teased an upcoming trailed, called The Well, which has finally landed. The Well delivers 8 gorgeous minutes of character interactions, detailed maps, a dusty post-apocalyptic world, and most importantly, guns-blazing shootout […]

  • secures 25+ classic EA games

    The Good Old Games service ( has impressed ever since it first came online. A digital download service with no DRM offering classic games that work on modern versions of Windows. It’s an ageing gamers treasure trove of nostalgia, and a great collection for the curious younger gamers out there. That treasure trove of titles […]

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