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  • Teenager desperate for an iPad 2 sells his kidney

    Apple continues to dominate the tablet market with the must-have iPad 2. Millions of them are being manufactured every month and yet Apple struggles to keep up with demand. Most consumers are forced to wait to get one, either through a lack of cash to make the purchase, or a lack of stock at their […]

  • Building Windows 8 video reveals the future of Windows

    During the All Things D conference in California this week, Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky revealed what Microsoft Windows 8 will look like. He noted that Windows 8 will run on ARM processors as well as traditional x86 processors, and will provide a similar experience on tablets, laptops, and desktops. In the first Building Windows […]

  • Google Apps drop IE7, FF3.5, Safari 3 support in August

    Google is a company always looking forward, and this is refelcted in the way it treats software releases. If you are using a Google service it is always the latest version. There is no old versions and legacy support–when a new version comes out we all get auto-updated. While Google can’t force other companies to […]

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