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  • Nokia calls Microsoft acquisition rumor ‘completely baseless’

    Rumors of Microsoft buying Nokia’s mobile phone division have been floating around for weeks. We’ve all had some time to think about what that would mean (Microsoft would finally be able to make money off of Windows phones?), but Nokia today assured us that the acquisition rumor is totally unfounded. BGR reported that “industry insider” […]

  • SanDisk unveil tiny SATA III SSDs for laptops/tablets

    Sometimes companies get their timing just right, and SanDisk seems to have done just that with their announcements during Computex. Intel is pushing the new ultra-thin Ultrabook and Keeley Lake platforms, both of which must be less than 20mm thick. In another booth, SanDisk is touting its latest ultra-small SSD storage solutions that are perfect […]

  • Amazing time-lapse proves New York is the city that never stops

    If you’ve never been to New York City and are thinking about a visit, this time-lapse video from Vimeo user Mindrelic will surely have you wearing an “I Heart NY” shirt in no time. His video, Manhattan in Motion, shows the city of New York over the course of about a month and a half. […]

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