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  • Could LTE kill DSL in rural America?

    With an average speed between 12 and 18 mbps, I hypothesized during the initial launch of LTE that this technology could be used to replace home internet for some users. When I learned about the 5GB cap on most LTE devices, I didn’t put another thought towards it for quite some time. Then, earlier this […]

  • Facebook nears 700 million users worldwide

    It probably has nothing to do with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to eat only what he kills, but Facebook is about to hit the 700 million user mark, which is nothing to sneeze at. According to, a site that monitors Facebook statistics, Facebook’s traffic is growing thanks to a rise in popularity in […]

  • Samsung starts producing 30nm 32GB DDR3 modules

    Samsung has both shrunk its DRAM chips and increased the capacity of its modules with news that the company has started mass producing 30nm 4Gb chips. The move to a 30nm process brings with it a three key benefits. The first is a cut in the amount of energy required to run them when compared […]

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