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  • hacked in response to Bradley Manning depiction

    No, Tupac wasn’t found alive in New Zealand. That’s just The Lulz Boat docking in the harbors of PBS and perpetrating a little old-fashioned tomfoolery on the broadcaster’s website. Turns out the LulzSec crew wasn’t at all pleased with Frontline’s portrayal of Bradley Manning in the Wikisecrets expose and decided to strike back. PBS servers […]

  • Apple back-to-school special may include $200 off an iPad with a Mac purchase

    Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is just around the corner and starts on June 6. We suspect we’ll hear news of a new iPhone, as well as new versions of both its desktop and mobile operating systems. However, rumors are flying around of another announcement, and this one focuses on Apple’s back-to-school offers. Apple has […]

  • Fujitsu F-07C is a Windows 7 PC and a smartphone

    As Intel works to make the Atom suitable as a smartphone chip over the coming years, Fujitsu has gone and stuck one of the existing Atoms inside a phone as a second processor. The reason? To allow it to double as a portable Windows PC. The phone was originally unveiled earlier this month, but Fujitsu […]

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