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  • Killer Robots coming on Memorial Day

    While some of you may be relaxing in hammocks and grilling up burgers, robots will be massacring each other until only one robot is left standing. No, we’re not talking about some hostile robot planet somewhere, the Science Channel will be airing a special show called Killer Robots: RoboGames 2011 this Memorial Day. Hosted by […]

  • World’s coolest camera setup was designed to shoot insects in-flight

    Ever wonder how photographers take pictures of bugs while they are flying? You could probably guess that it wasn’t easy, but you might have underestimated just how involved the process is. The fine people at Fotoopa have revealed their setup in an incredible Flickr gallery, along with an explanation of the camera, the components, and […]

  • Memorial Day tech deals you don’t want to miss

    What’s better than having a three-day-long weekend? Memorial Day sales, of course! The bargains offered during Memorial Day weekend aren’t necessarily as good as those offered during Christmas and Black Friday, but they’re still worth checking out. If you’re too busy grilling and laying around in the pool to hit the mall, there are plenty of […]

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