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  • Robot scales walls with supersonic jets

    Researchers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand have created something that looks like it could have been made by Q in the research and development division of James Bond’s British Secret Service. The device, which wasn’t actually created for spy purposes, uses supersonic air streams to stick to just about any surface, allowing […]

  • College Humor roasts Facebook

    The comedy world has been hosting roasts since the New York Friars’ Club started them in the 1920s. A roast is an event where a person, the guest of honor, sits back as comedians insult them, tell stories about them, and sometimes praise them. In any case, it’s usually embarrassing for the “roasted” party, but […]

  • Flickr nows keeps your deleted photos for 90 days

    Flickr is a great resource for hosting tons of your personal photos. Most Flickr users, however, have been in the position where they’ve deleted a photo or a set of photos and then regretted it a few days later. Unless you backed your photos up somewhere else, deleting them on Flickr was a permanent and […]

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