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  • Microsoft profit in China takes a beating due to massive piracy

    In China, Microsoft operating systems absolutely dominate the market — with an approximate 99.3% share. You’d probably assume that translates to a substantial amount of profit, especially in a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion. Yet China comes in behind The Netherlands — with a population of about 17 million — on […]

  • Blockbuster won’t stream to rooted Android devices

    Last week, one of the additions to the Android Market that Google announced during Google I/O was movie rentals for Android devices. They also noted that they wouldn’t rent to rooted Android phones. It looks like Blockbuster has taken a page from Google’s playbook: if you’re using the new version of the Blockbuster Android app […]

  • Defense contractor Lockheed Martin plagued by network security problems

    Lockheed Martin is one of the US Department of Defense‘s largest contractors, and the biggest provider of technology services to the government overall. Now, word is trickling out from unnamed sources close to the company that Lockheed Martin’s internal technology team is working overtime to combat major network issues that could be related to a […]

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