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  • Apple combats Mac Defender malware, mislabels Trojan as phishing

    AppleCare support reps may have been told to play things cool when it came to calls from end users with Mac Defender malware concerns, but the company was obviously not sitting idly by as the number of infections mounted. A new article has been posted on which tells Mac users how to avoid and […]

  • Sony Ericsson Canada website hacked, user details stolen

    The PSN and SOE hacks may be fixed, and those services on the way back to normality, but hackers are continuing to target Sony servers around the world. The latest attack has seen the Sony Ericsson Canada Eshop server fall, and with it hackers managed to retrieve the personal details of 2,000 accounts. The information […]

  • Windows Phone Mango bringing integrated Live Messenger, Facebook chat

    With more than 500 updates promised in the Windows Phone 7.1 “Mango” bump, Microsoft has clearly been busy taking care of some of the operating system’s biggest misses. Among the new features revealed were several which you may have already seen — like Shazam-style song identification, better Bing integration, and multitasking. The Messaging Hub has […]

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