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  • Google won’t rent movies to rooted Android devices

    Google unveiled a host of new services at I/O 2011, one of which was a new movie rental service added to the Android Market. In addition to being able to instantly stream your selection, Google offers a “pinning” feature — allowing you to download a movie in the background so you can watch it later […]

  • Dead Island gets an 11-minute gameplay walkthrough

    Back in February developer Techland and publisher Deep Silver got everyone’s attention with a fantastic teaser video for its upcoming zombie game Dead Island. The trailer contained no gameplay footage, but showed in reverse the plight of a family when faced with a group of relentless zombies bursting into their hotel room/apartment. Skip forward three […]

  • Maryland 4th graders use Android on a field trip

    Now that the mobile arms race between Android and iOS is approaching critical mass, the consumer market is simply not enough. Android and iOS have begun to slowly creep into the enterprise and education markets, and neither OS really seems to be making more headway than the other. That’s because these markets require unique individual […]

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