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  • Wingsuit skydiver uses shoecam to makes jumps look more awesome

    As previously noted on this site, wingsuit skydiving looks to be just about the most fun you can have without breaking the law. Even without taking it to the absolute extreme, the jumpers are quite good at making their sport look like controlled insanity. Use of the proper gear helps us viewers live vicariously through […]

  • 840-barrel paintball gun shoots art in 1/8 of a second

    Painting a large installment on a wall is usually a pretty time consuming task. However, one group of guys found a way to paint a monster of a picture in literally an eighth of a second. Created as a marketing stunt for the V Energy drink, a popular energy drink in New Zealand and Australia, […]

  • Apple patent details privacy mode for iDevice displays

    Of all the portable device displays on the market today, Apple has one of the most impressive with the Retina Display on the iPhone 4. It offers such a high resolution you can’t see the individual pixels while at the same time allowing multiple people to view content with wide viewing angles. That’s all well […]

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