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  • Anti-piracy measures could see NZ libraries switch off Internet access

    Governments around the world are trying to figure out ways of cutting down on piracy. Some governments have already implemented controversial monitoring and three-strike rules. Such rules may look like they solve the issue in theory, but its a very different outcome in practice. France was one of the first places to attempt to implement […]

  • Build the ultimate geek bar

    Geeks and alcohol go together like chicken and peanut sauce. You wouldn’t expect them to mesh, but they combine into something unspeakably awesome. Home bars are fun, and there’s an entire world of gadgets and tools that can give your bar a geeky edge other, more conventional, bars lack. Cocktail Chemistry Set One of the […]

  • Nokia Windows Phone 8 handsets to use dual-core ST-Ericsson chip

    When Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 it put in place a number of prerequisites regarding the minimum spec required to run it on a smartphone. Those requirements have seen many such handsets ship with 1GHz Qualcomm chip. That won’t be the case for Nokia when it starts shipping Windows Phone 8 devices, however. Anyone picking […]

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