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  • Amazon confirms Kindle books more popular than print

    Until e-readers got popular the question of where to read came down to PC/laptop screen or printed book. Now it’s screen, book, or e-paper. The screen or book question usually saw the book win due to your eyes getting tired quickly reading from a backlit display. That problem was even worse back in the days […]

  • AppleCare reps told not to attempt malware removal

    Long protected by the non-practice of security by obscurity, Apple users recently joined the unfortunate, unwary legions targeted by fakeAV malware. As cybercriminals had previously discovered on Windows, it’s far easier to trick users into installing a malicious application than wasting precious effort coding a more complex virus or worm. While some pundits scoffed at […]

  • Apple seals licensing deal with EMI, cloud music service is imminent

    Apple device owners have been waiting for the company to catch up with Amazon and Google and finally release its s cloud music service. Though the company is usually ahead of the game in terms of technology trends, both Google and Amazon beat Apple to the punch by releasing their own cloud music services recently. […]

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