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  • Chess becomes mandatory in Armenian schools

    Competitive chess world, watch out. Armenia is training a future army of chess pros as we speak. The Armenian Ministry of Education said on Friday that it’s making chess a mandatory subject in primary schools in hopes to make the country a force to reckon with… at least so far as the board game is […]

  • YouTube channel teaches sorting algorithms through folk dance

    The next time you’re having trouble in computer science classes grasping the nature of shell sorts and bubble sorts, head over to the AlgoRythmics YouTube channel. There, a group of folk dancers are using Hungarian and Gypsy folk dance to teach people exactly how those sorting operations work, complete with graphic overlays and numbers on […]

  • Microsoft Office 365 launches as public beta

    Back in October 2010, Microsoft announced Office 365, the company’s first cloud-based productivity software product and, some would say, a direct response to Google Apps. On Sunday, Microsoft announced that Office 365 would now be offered as a public beta to both small businesses and enterprises.
    The small business beta is open for companies with up to […]

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