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  • Naval laser could prove deadly to pirates, incoming missiles

    The potential for lasers as weapons has been touted by every science-fiction author and military scientist for years: with enough juice behind one, you can use them to set fire to structures or other obstacles at long distances, or cut through 20 feet of solid steel. The US Navy is testing one such laser, called […]

  • 16-hour Threadless mural captured in 55 seconds

    If you want a t-shirt that’s a little bit different, then you can’t go far wrong checking out the designs on Threadless. The user design submission and voting system works well at getting fresh new prints available to buy regularly, and I admit to owning several myself.
    Although printing a design on a t-shirt is a […]

  • Binary Table 01 is one geeky coffee table

    Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t recycle their old electronics. When they get a new cell phone, laptop, or replace that old desktop they’ve had collecting dust since 1995, most people are clueless about what to do with their old tech products. So, into the trash they go. However, one design firm decided […]

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