Today is Sunday, 14th April 2024

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  • EA to offer persistent cloud profiles across games

    Of all the video game publishers out there, EA is the one that pushes regular new releases of its most popular games the hardest. Sports games in particular almost always get a new version on a yearly basis, and somehow manage to offer up enough features to tempt us into buying the next game.
    The only […]

  • Vodafone’s Evolution of Mobile advert using 3D projection mapping

    Vodafone has just released a new advert in the UK, and used some cutting-edge 3D Projection Mapping techniques to show off the evolution of the cell phone in a different way.
    Most of you will have seen projection mapping before in those videos of buildings being seemingly destroyed or manipulated at night. Here’s a good example:

    Vodafone […]

  • Apple rejects PopCap’s Unpleasant Horse meat grinding iOS game

    Earlier this week, the much beloved PopCap Games unveiled their new “indie” sister label, 4th & Battery.
    The idea behind 4th & Battery is great. Instead of spending all of their time polishing away at the next Bejeweled, PopCap designers will be encouraged to release smaller and potentially less family friendly games under the 4th […]

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