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  • Portal 2 trailer highlights the awesome, full-bullet-firing turrets

    We have no idea how Valve manages to cram so much personality into its turret bots, but they make for a very compelling trailer. Give it a watch and we’re guessing you’ll be that much more excited for Portal 2.
    The video above, with voice-over by Aperture Science CEO Cave Johnson, talks a bit about the […]

  • FaceTime glitch shows random pictures iPhone captured itself

    A strange topic has been brought up on the Apple Discussions forum. It seems that some people using FaceTime are seeing photos of the person they’re talking to, or themselves, in the middle of their conversation. It gets stranger though, as those photos seem to have been captured without the user’s knowledge.
    User Kar0786 started by […]

  • Apple patents tactile feedback on a touchscreen

    In a patent entitled “Keystroke tactility arrangement on a smooth touch surface” Apple seems to have taken one more step towards the holy grail of computer input. It’s clear that touchscreens are the future of input, but until they offer tactile feedback many people will still lean towards physical buttons–it’s the old “I type faster […]

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