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  • Prototype iPod touch with capacitive home button leaked

    Every generation of iPod touch that has ever been released comes with a physical Home button placed below the screen and inset slightly so it’s easy to find by feel alone. It’s a part of the design, and no one really expects it to change.
    However, CrunchGear has come into possession of some images showing an […]

  • Apple and Intel stop using war-funding conflict minerals from Africa

    Perhaps as a good PR-move, but most definitely to avoid the backlash of reports coming out down the line that Apple and Intel use “blood” products, the two companies have announced they will both stop using “conflict minerals” in their products. Aptly named, these minerals fund wars in Central Africa, and Apple and Intel are ditching them as part of the Conflict-Free Smelter program.

  • Texas Instruments to acquire National Semiconductor for $6.5B

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. We’ve seen it with T-Mobile and AT&T recently, and now we’re seeing rival companies coming together with two of the world’s largest makers of analog chips combining forces. National Semiconductor will be acquired by its largest competitor, Texas Instrument, for $6.5 billion in an all-cash transaction.

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