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  • 5000 Metrocards made into an awesome bench

    If you’ve ever used a Metrocard, the kind issued by the Metro Transit Authority for New York City’s subway and bus system, then you know what they are like. The cards are a sort of flexible, durable plastic that is thin, but basically tear-proof. And not only are the cards tough, but they are freely […]

  • Must listen: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon chiptune-ified

    If you enjoy music of any kind the least bit, then you probably enjoy Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Released back in 1973 the work holds up incredibly well today and is one of those rare things that persists regardless of time and is admired by people of across different backgrounds and generations. […]

  • Plastic car parts made from bananas and pineapples?

    Bananas are a pretty powerful fruit and I don’t mean because they are high in potassium. Earlier this month, it was revealed in a report, featured in the American Chemical Society’s journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, that minced bananas can be used to purify water. Now, research presented at a meeting of the society […]

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