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  • Facebook reaches 250 million mobile users, merges mobile sites

    Facebook’s total user base is fast approaching 600 million users, and with the growing popularity of mobile computing a fair few of those users will be accessing the social network on their phones. In fact, accessing Facebook through its mobile sites is seeing huge growth. In just one year the number has grown from 100 […]

  • The Earth shaped by gravity is anything but round

    The saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder means that what we see is subject to our perspective. Take our planet for example. From space through human eyes or a camera, it seems to be a beautiful uniform sphere, but that’s not how the European Space Agency’s (ESA) GOCE satellite sees it. […]

  • Movie studios to launch Home Premiere $30 movie rentals

    The film industry is always looking for new ways to extract money from willing customers eager to watch the latest movies. The model for selling movies to us for as long as I can remember involves releasing in theaters first followed by a release on DVD a few months later. But as Internet connections to […]

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