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  • NASA: Spirit rover stays silent, but Opportunity remains

    In 2003, NASA did the unthinkable by not only launching one, but two rovers to explore the planet Mars. The rovers, named Spirit and Opportunity, beat the odds when they both landed successfully on the red planet. The rovers had been built to complete a 90-Martian-day mission to explore the planet’s surface. Since that time […]

  • Chinese Great Firewall bottlenecks Gmail download speeds

    China’s not exactly friendly to the concept of a free and open internet. Google’s public spats with the Chinese government have been making headlines for almost a year now, after the search giant first accused the Chinese government of hacking into the Gmail accounts of activists, and then of programming their firewall to make it […]

  • New York Times iPhone app typo directs customers to phone-sex hotline

    TheAppPlanet pointed out a little typo on the Times’ iPhone app. The number listed on the app intended to connect subscribers to the Times’ customer service had the last two numbers switched around, and those who called the number were greeted by a sultry voice.

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