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  • Inside a Verizon Wireless Superswitch

    We live in the mobile age. We don’t just want our mobile devices to work, we demand it. Heaven help the carrier with the most dropped calls, they might do something crazy like buy their competitor to improve their service! It’s not just calls anymore, or text messages for that matter. It’s data. Lots of […]

  • Mac OS X celebrates 10th birthday

    It’s a bittersweet birthday for Mac OS X. We reported yesterday that the man behind OS X, Bertrand Serlet, is leaving Apple. But, that doesn’t mean there’s not reason to celebrate this operating system’s great evolution over the past 10 years.

  • Color: A new photo sharing proximity-based social network app

    Social network applications and services are at an all time high at the moment and we can now look forward to a new flavor in the shape of Color, which is a free proximity-based social networking photo-sharing app.
    Color has been developed by entrepreneur Bill Nguyen who was the founder of Lala, an online music store […]

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