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  • Anti-DRM group wants to send Nintendo bricks to protest 3DS terms of service

    The Terms of Service (TOS) agreement that you agree to when you turn on a Nintendo 3DS isn’t something most people flip through. After all, you’ve already paid for the thing, and you want to play. The anti-DRM group Defective by Design has read it though, and are concerned enough about what it contains that […]

  • Virtual dressing room uses Kinect and augmented reality, makes shopping even easier

    If you’ve seen the movie Clueless that came out back in 1995, you might remember the main character’s computer-programmed closet that showed the character in different outfits on a touch-activated screen. She’d scroll through articles of clothing until she found exactly the right outfit without ever having to try it on first. Fast forward 16 […]

  • Vostok 4 Pines Stout ‘Space Beer’ brewed for zero gravity

    There’s nothing like having a nice, cold beer at the end of a long day, and it seems that soon, even astronauts in the depths of space will be able to knock one back. Two Australian entrepreneurs are working on a beer intended for drinking in space. If making a space beer was easy, we’d […]

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