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  • id Software’s history now available as YouTube documentary

    Of the many successful game developers out there, one stands out both for the quality of its games and the advances it made in producing game engines and content no one else could. That developer is id Software and the very memorable technical and creative pairing of John Carmack and John Romero.
    While playing all of […]

  • Super Moon to rise tonight

    Tonight, if you look up into the night sky and it seems that the Moon is significantly bigger don’t worry.  The Moon is not on a trajectory to crash into Earth, it simply will be closer to the Earth due to its elliptical orbit. That orbit results in the Moon being closer on one side […]

  • The AP Stylebook declares e-mail to be dead, long live email

    Which do you prefer: e-mail or email? If you prefer the former and write for the Associated Press, expect for your knuckles to get rapped by a pernicious editor, as the AP Stylebook has just declared that “e-mail” is no longer correct. From now on, we don’t send e-mails, at least according to the AP; […]

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