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  • The computer virus celebrates its 40th anniversary

    If you’ve ever gotten hit with a computer virus, you know how awful they can be. You might be surprised to know that this year marks the 40th anniversary of Creeper, the world’s first computer virus. According to Help Net Security, the last four decades saw malware numbers go from 1,300 in 1990, to 50,000 in 2000. And how about 2010? Last year saw 200 million instances of malware.

  • Hands-on: iRobot Scooba 230 floor washing robot

    Back in January iRobot announced two new models. One of them was the Roomba 700, an upgrade to the popular vacuum line, and the other was the Scooba 230. The Scooba is a floor washing robot and the undersized number seems to be in place because of the miniature size of the bot. Designed to […]

  • Pepsi creates plastic bottle from 100% plant material

    Regardless of your preference for Pepsi or Coca-Cola, if you buy it in bottles then that isn’t great for the environment. The petroleum-based plastic used to create them can take decades to breakdown and can’t easily be recycled.
    Coca-Cola has already started experimenting with using renewable material in its bottles which make up around 30% of […]

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