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  • Zynga launches RewardVille rewards program for Facebook games

    Back in January we whet your appetite by telling you about Zynga’s rewards program, RewardVille, for everyone that plays its games on Facebook. This, of course, includes the insanely popular game Farmville. At that time, it was only a preview site, but Zynga announced yesterday on its blog that the full version of RewardVille is up and running

  • 10 minutes of Portal 2 from PAX East 2011

    One of the most widely anticipated games of 2011 is the next entry in the Portal series: Portal 2. Valve have certainly been teasing us with reminders it is coming in the form of a Valentine’s Day gift buyer’s guide last month, and video footage of it being played last year in both single-player and […]

  • Galaxy Tab Infineon RF chip contains fantastic silicon art

    Whenever I think of a chip manufacturing facility, and the circuit designers who come up with those chips, I imagine a lot of very serious and intelligent individuals working in a sterile environment focusing on their designs. What I didn’t expect is for them to put hidden images and messages into the silicon that are […]

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