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  • iFixIt tears down the new iPad 2 Smart Covers

    The guys over at iFixIt are the internet’s go-to source for day one teardowns of the hottest gadgets hitting stores shelves. As such, they’ve already performed their autopsy on Apple’s new iPad 2 and found within its aluminum enclosure hardware that basically consists of a credit card sized logic board attached to three huge battery […]

  • Spend a day with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in just 12 minutes

    If you are an Android fan and you are tired of hearing all about the iPad 2, then this is the video for you. YouTube user AndroidHD posted a video spanning an entire day spent with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the oversized (well, Xoom-sized) version of the Galaxy Tab.
    The video, which looks to […]

  • No NFC integration for iPhone 5

    Back at the beginning of this year it was hoped that Apple was going to add NFC (Near Field Communication) hardware into the next gen iPhone 5 and iPad 2 so customers can use their devices like a credit card by swiping them near a payment point.
    Of course the iPad 2 has now been released […]

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