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  • Black Ops becomes best selling game of all time

    There’s no denying that Call of Duty: Black Ops was a success before it even got released. The desire for the next CoD episode among gamers grew to the point where it broke sales records in its first 24 hours on sale. In total, it amassed $360 million on day one, easily covering all the […]

  • iPhone 5 engineering drawings appear on the web

    With no more rumors to report about the iPad 2, and everyone in the U.S. able to buy Apple’s 2nd gen tablet today, our attention can turn to the iPhone 5.
    It’s therefore quite fitting that some new engineering drawings have appeared on the web from China for Apple’s next phone update. These drawings are usually […]

  • Devs: Sony NGP might launch on November 11th

    When a Japanese console maker like Sony announces a new console, you expect them to launch in Japan first. Nintendo certainly did with the Nintendo 3DS, and Sony has never launched a new console anywhere besides Japan first. However, if new rumors are anything to go by, they might be considering a different launch approach […]

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