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  • Intel and Lenovo create Classmate+ PC for kids in developing countries

    Intel has teamed up with Lenovo to create the Classmate+ PC, a purpose-built laptop aimed at improving learning for students in grades K-8 and developing countries. In reality, the laptop is actually a re-badged Classmate PC or something that is based on Intel’s Learning Series reference design.
    Its design certainly looks more rugged, and it needs […]

  • Nyko Power Pak+ doubles 3DS battery life

    One of the concerns facing anyone who has pre-ordered a 3DS is just how long the battery life is for the device. A lot will depend on how high you turn up the 3D effects, with 3-5 hours quoted as a minimum. Recharge time is expected to be 3.5 hours. In some cases, such as […]

  • What’s the best Android phone on T-Mobile?

    There are a lot of Android phones on the market right now and a number of options on each carrier. As a consumer it can be hard to differentiate one from the next and to ultimately figure out which phone you should purchase. We can’t tell you the right Android phone for you, but we […]

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