Today is Thursday, 23rd May 2024

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  • iOS 4.3 available for download

    iOS 4.3 is available for download right now, confirming yesterday’s rumors that the version would ship ahead of the iPad 2’s release on Friday.
    The update includes Personal Hotspot (3 devices on WiFi and 2 on Bluetooth), iTunes Home Sharing, new feature’s for Apple’s AirPlay including the ability to play video straight from the iPhone’s camera […]

  • HP aims to ships all its PCs with webOS in 2012

    Apparently HP has very big plans for WebOS. And we’re not just talking about tablets and connected printers, Bloomberg is reporting that HP CEO, Leo Apotheker, told employees that as of next year all the computers HP ships will be able to run WebOS in addition to Microsoft Windows. It’s an ambitious move for the PC […]

  • MS Paint converted to audio sounds almost musical

    When we spotted the video above we had to ask two questions: why would you think to do this? and who knew an executable could pass as a decent piece of music?
    What YouTube poster r2blend did was to take the MS Paint executable (mspaint.exe) and imported it as raw PCM data into some audio software […]

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