Today is Sunday, 3rd December 2023

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  • Go800: Forget memorizing phone numbers, it make calls via Twitter handles

    Launched at the beginning of March, Go800 replaces phone numbers with Twitter handles, and allows you to make free calls though the service.

  • First ever browser address bar game created in HTML 5

    If you have ever played a game directly in your web browser, then chances are it was created using Adobe Flash. But with the introduction of HTML 5 and the Canvas tag it’s now possible to create animation, and therefore games, simply by using JavaScript and HTML files and no plug-ins.
    What we didn’t expect or […]

  • Microsoft paid Nokia $1Bn for Windows Phone 7 deal

    When Nokia and Microsoft recently came to an agreement to bring Windows Phone 7 to Nokia’s phones, there were a lot of factors that greased the wheels of the deal.
    On the one hand, Nokia is still selling more smartphones than any other company in the world, and by pushing Windows Phone 7 onto them, Microsoft […]

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