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  • Get notified when one of your Facebook friends ditches you

    I did not know this, but last Friday was supposed to be a Facebook Defriend Day. This was a day when you were meant to clean up your list of friends, i.e. remove those who are no longer your friends or you feel have mistreated you in some way.
    So if you log into Facebook today […]

  • Intel’s dual-core Sandy Bridge chips are on the way

    Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors have been official for some time, but all the attention has been on the high-end quad-core models . The dual-core models were supposed to come out later (February 20th to be precise) but the flaws with the Cougar Point chipset pushed that date back a bit. Now Intel has revised the […]

  • Geek deals: 25% off Dell’s U3011 30-inch IPS display

    Last week we alerted you to great deal: 25% off Dell’s 27-inch professional display. That took the price down from $1099 to $825, making for a nice price on a very solid display. Now Dell has gone and repeated the deal, but on their 30-inch flagship, the U3011.
    Buyers still get a high-end IPS panel, the […]

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