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  • National Day of Unplugging is over- Did you disconnect?

    The 2011 National Day of Unplugging official ran from sundown on March 4 to sundown on March 5th, which is right about now on the East Coast. The day called for people to voluntarily stay off their electronics for the day (mobile phones too!), to disconnect, to generally just slow down. It’s not an anti-technology […]

  • Strangely mesmerizing: Beer gut vs. MAC 11 Airsoft gun at 1280 fps

    A couple of weeks ago we featured a video shot at 2546 frames per second with a $50,000+ Vision Research Phantom High Speed Digital Cinema camera. It was pretty epic, managing to show water coming out of a tap in the highest detail I’ve ever seen, as well as some other memorable shots.
    Today we have […]

  • Amazing time-lapse of the Chilean ALMA antennas at night

    In the Chile’s Atacama Desert, 5000 meters above sea level, there is an array of 66 antennas collectively known as ALMA. The Atacama Large Millimeter Array accounts for over a billion dollars worth of astronomical research, so you can bet it’s pretty interesting.
    This fantastic, though unfortunately silent, time-lapse shows some of the radio antennas working through the […]

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