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  • Google uses Android to launch a real-life trebuchet

    If you’re looking for a killer gadget, look no farther than the trebuchet. A siege engine employed in the middle ages, the counterweight trebuchet could fling projectiles of up to 350 pounds at high speeds into enemy fortifications, smashing down walls and smearing enemy soldiers into jelly. During particularly long sieges, a trebuchet might be […]

  • The hidden costs of gaming consoles

    Gaming’s not exactly a cheap hobby, between $300 consoles and $60 game discs, which is why the cheapest console (right now, the Nintendo Wii) is most often the popular. Even so, there’s more to consider when you think about a console’s price than just what’s on the sticker, and GameInformer has just posted an […]

  • ASUS will release a quad-core, 3D Honeycomb tablet in 2011

    Asus doesn’t really have a tablet to proudly compete with the likes of the iPad, Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab yet, but they’re working on it, and when it comes out ASUS CEO Jerry Shen wants everyone to know it’s going to push the envelope in some significant ways.
    According to Shen, ASUS will […]

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