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  • Olympus’ new 16MP superzoom can shoot stills and 1080p video simultaneously

    Generally speaking, gadget makers try to avoid announcing new gadgets before an Apple event, but in the hush before the coming iPad 2 storm, Olympus decided to get out a press release for a handful of digital cameras, the most interesting of which is their new superzoom, the SZ-30MR.
    Boasting a 24X optical zoom running the […]

  • Internet Explorer 9 reaches 36 million downloads

    According to the Windows Team blog the release of IE9 RC1 has already gleamed 11 million downloads since Feb 10. And together with the IE9 beta this has reached a total of 36 million downloads (beta was released in September last year).
    The blog continues by claiming that IE9 now represents a 0.66% worldwide browser usage […]

  • Minecraft’s Notch working on new game called Scrolls

    When Minecraft first appeared for download no one could have foreseen how popular it was going to be. The one man developing it, Markus “Notch” Persson, certainly didn’t, but now he could sit back and relax watching the money roll in from his block world sandbox.
    But like all talented game designers, he’s not going to […]

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