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  • Amazon Android Appstore to launch this month

    Last September, word broke that Amazon intend on launching its own Android App Marketplace.
    It was a weird rumor to process. On the one hand, Amazon doesn’t do anything without a reason. Look at the Kindle: what seemed, at first, to be a niche has become the biggest and most ubiquitous e-book store on Earth, upending […]

  • Apple awarded patent that could keep your iPhone 5 scratch free

    One of the key factors in Apple’s success in the gadget market over recent years is its ability to iterate a design and feature set. While the original iPhone was a game changer, it did have its faults. But importantly, the new iPhone models that followed fixed those issues while continuing to develop the device […]

  • Report: Windows 8 to debut in June at All Things D conference with new tablet interface

    Microsoft’s got a problem on its hands. True, it owns the most popular and lucrative desktop operating system on Earth, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that mobile is the future of computing… and on that front, Microsoft just isn’t doing as well with its operating systems. Windows Phone 7 was three years late to iOS’s […]

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