Today is Saturday, 13th July 2024

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  • Europe will run out of PlayStation 3s in just three weeks after LG wins patent victory

    Earlier this month, Korean electronics maker LG brought Sony to court, going after any Sony product that can play Blu-Ray discs because of a patent dispute.
    Specifically, LG wanted the International Trade Commission to block the sale of the PlayStation 3, several Bravia televisions and a number of Blu-Ray players for violating four LG patents […]

  • AT&T to offer Kindle 3G in stores on March 6th

    Amazon must be happy it is getting another distributor for the Kindle. AT&T has announced it will start carrying Amazon’s e-reader in stores nationwide beginning Sunday, March 6. AT&T store visitors will have the ability to take the device on a test-drive before making a purchase.
    AT&T becomes the first wireless carrier to offer Kindle in-store […]

  • Splashtop OS brings instant on functionality to all laptops

    As a proud owner of a MacBook Air, let me tell you something: the ability to just open your computer and do work instantly, as if it were a tablet, is just something you can’t come back from. Unfortunately, not all computers support instant-on, but if you’ve got an older laptop, you can still get […]

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