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  • SOINN robot can think independently and adapt to situations

    It seems like the Tokyo Institute of Technology is bringing us one step closer to Skynet. Researchers in the Hasegawa Group at the Institute are currently working on a robot that can take on tasks it hasn’t tried before. The robot makes use of a technology called Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network (SOINN for short). With […]

  • South Korean clinic aims to prevent web addiction

    Though it may be hard to imagine for those old enough to remember a time without the Internet and sophisticated video games, there’s a new generation of kids and teenagers who have never known a life without these luxuries. We’re sure you know how easy it is to get sucked into the computer while you’re […]

  • Samsung halts sales of the Galaxy Tab in Australia due to Apple lawsuit

    Back in April, Apple went after Samsung with a patent lawsuit alleging that Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones and tablets bore too close of a resemblance to the iPhone and iPad. Now it seems Samsung has put a hold on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet sales in Australia because of the unresolved dispute. Apple and […]

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