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  • How IBM’s Watson could have been beaten in Jeopardy

    This month we saw some amazing advances in the realm of artificial intelligence technology. With Watson emerging as the latest supreme champion on television game show, “Jeopardy” it seems like nothing can stop IBM’s new golden boy (or rather computer) of A.I. Well, almost nothing.
    Imagine if you will, some pro-human-anti-robotic-apocalyptic Linux user that wanted to show the […]

  • Excuse me, have you heard of the Internet?

    Anyone growing up today will just view the Internet as something that has always been there providing entertainment, communication, and information. But in its very short history the Internet has developed at an astounding rate, and continues to do so.
    Back in the 90s it was a growing phenomenon, a way to send mail without stamps, […]

  • Geriatric argument erupts into lightsaber duel

    Who would of guessed that old French men that drive tractors were so strong in the force. Looks are apparently deceiving as a elderly man driving his tractor gets into an argument with a group of  men in a car.
    The two sides become increasingly agitated in the following video, and before you can say, “Help me Obi-Wan […]

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