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  • PlayStation 2 mod creates new portable machine

    The PlayStation 2 is a console few gamers will ever forget. Unlike the PS3’s awkward start it was a perfect follow-up to the PSOne and sold like hot cakes, and has continued to sell millions even as it was being replaced.
    While I still have a PS2 under my TV, some people have decided to start […]

  • Google Apps user needs 10,000+ contacts, Google says no

    There are many limits I can see a user reaching on their PCs and in the online services they use. Storage is the main concern with your Gmail account having a storage limit, your Dropbox account having a ceiling depending on your account tier, and ISPs increasingly limiting our bandwidth quotas. One limit I never […]

  • Vstone’s mini robot marathon starts

    Robot maker Vstone kicked off the world’s first full marathon for humanoids (or little robot fellas that have arms and legs), today at 10am Japanese time. In total there are 5 participants and it is estimated that it will take the robots until Sunday to complete the 42.195km full marathon in Osaka.
    Vstone is using the […]

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