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  • Low stock levels suggest iPad 2 is imminent

    9to5mac has been doing some homework and has come to the conclusion that the iPad 2 isn’t far off. Earlier today we got a look at a possible iPad 2 case but, let’s face it, case leaks happen all the time. This article notes a few prominent retailers that have either discounted the iPad or […]

  • Hey old sport, The Great Gatsby was made into an NES game

    F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great American novel, The Great Gatsby, was just made into an NES-style game. The key part is that the game is playable, for free, right now. If you are a fan of the book you have to try it. If you aren’t, but happen to be a fan of 8-bit games, you’ll […]

  • Panasonic to launch 10.1-inch gesture-controlled mobile TV

    The use of motion control looks set to spread beyond the confines of gaming devices if Panasonic’s latest product is a sign of the future. The Japanese company has just unveiled a new 10.1-inch LCD TV that can be controlled with gestures.
    The Panasonic VIERA DMP-HV200 has a small 10.1-inch (1024 x 600) waterproof display that […]

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