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  • How photography works at the Super Bowl

    The people at Sports Illustrated know a thing or two about sports photography, so when they put out a video explaining how photographs are taken and processed at the Super Bowl, I stop and watch. Previously we’ve talked about the experience of pro sports photography, but that was nothing compared to what these guys are doing.
    The […]

  • A laundry folding robot? Want.

    Certainly one of the most tedious chores next to doing the dishes in our household is folding the laundry. Sure it is no big deal to wash the clothes and put them in the dryer, but actually folding clothing items and putting them away always seems to take forever.
    Good thing that technology may have an […]

  • Build-it-yourself IKEA Stonehenge requires just a few simple steps

    If you have ever had the opportunity to construct build-it-yourself furniture, you know full well the success of the whole project depends on the clarity of the instructions. If you have good instructions the project will be a breeze, but if the box contains poorly written instructions, your furniture could turn into a nightmare quickly.
    Kind […]

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