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  • US Patent Illustration Cards for your geek sweet on Valentine’s Day

    Looking to express yourself this Valentine’s Day and you figure the traditional Hallmark V-Day card just won’t cut it with your geeky sweetheart this year? Then how about blinding her with science with one of these U.S. Patent inspired illustrated Valentine’s Day Cards?
    Created by maker Steve Hoefer, these five patent illustration cards feature drawings of […]

  • RIM’s PlayBook may run Android apps

    A major concern of launching any new hardware platform is that there will not be enough applications available to drive demand. Research In Motion (RIM) may be looking to minimize this concern, as it pertains to its PlayBook tablet, by allowing it to run applications which are built for another mobile operating system. Specifically, in […]

  • This Mini Strandbeest is hamster-powered

    If you have ever seen a Strandbeest in motion, you know they are a visual symphony of kinetics and aesthetics, like a fine piece of art in motion. In addition, these walking works of art can be solar powered, wind-driven, or even motorized.
    Not leaving well enough alone, though, the folks at Crabfu Artworks received a mini Strandbeest […]

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