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  • Creating beautiful artwork by pouring paint from coffee cups

    I’m a firm believer that artistic ability cannot be taught unless you already have some talent that just needs developing. But I also believe that great art can be created just from an idea, and the video above is a perfect example.
    A pedestal has been setup and a range of different colored paints poured into […]

  • Japanese plant time-lapses are a bit creepy, oddly fascinating

    If you’ve ever watched a nature video you’ll know that one of the most popular uses for time-lapse photography is displaying the growth of plants. After all, what time-lapses do best is get something very slow, even imperceptibly slow, and speed them up so that we we can observe changes.
    The growth of plants–something that we know happens, […]

  • One old lady with handbag takes on jewelry thieves wielding sledgehammers

    In Northampton, UK earlier this week a well-known jewelry store was attacked by thieves. Instead of entering the store and threatening the staff they instead brought sledgehammers on scooters and smashed the windows in order to get to the valuable goods inside.
    While all this was going on no one passing by intervened and the staff […]

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