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  • Starbucks’ new mobile payment system is trivially hacked in seconds

    Last month, Starbucks finally stopped testing its new mobile payment system after first introducing it back in 2009 and went national with apps that allowed customers to pay for their morning cup of joe just by showing their barista a barcode on the display of their iPhone, Blackberry or Android device.
    After a year and a […]

  • Sony wants to open PlayStation Move up to PC hackers like the Kinect

    After just a financial quarter on the market, Microsoft’s Kinect gesture recognition accessory for the Xbox 360 is already the darling of the PC hacker scene thanks to a series of wonderful Kinect hacks coming out of the release of an open source community driver.
    What about Sony’s answer to the Kinect, though: the PlayStation […]

  • TeeFury shirt brings Android geeks and Futurama nerds harmoniously together

    If you haven’t seen before, you are missing one of my personal favorite internet addictions. The concept is mind bogglingly simple, and terrifyingly effective. TeeFury puts a single shirt for sale on their website for one 24 hour period. During that 24 hour period the shirt is $9 regardless of size, and offers many […]

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