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  • Nervous 24-year-old Steve Jobs prepares for first TV appearance (video)

    The Steve Jobs we’ve come to know in recent years isn’t just a fan of the camera, he seems to excel in front of it. The tech world stops and listens when he appears, and his presence at Apple, and as the public face of Apple, can’t be overstated.
    But when Jobs was just 24-years-old he […]

  • Verizon will begin pumping many of its voice calls through LTE soon

    It won’t mean much to you right now, but future phones you buy on Verizon’s network will make calls over LTE, turning most of the actual telephone duties of your smartphone over to Verizon’s 4G data connection instead of its aging CDMA cellular network.
    Called VoLTE, or Voice Over Long-Term Evolution, the new technology will dispatch […]

  • AT&T offers new plan for unlimited free calls to any cell phone in the country

    Tomorrow is officially the day that the first iPhones will be sold by Verizon Wireless shops, and by most analyst estimates, it’s going to be a windfall weekend for the carrier, with some analysts suggesting Verizon could sell a million units in the first week alone.
    Needless to say, though, other carriers are panicking. T-Mobile has […]

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