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  • T-Mobile giving away all handsets free this Friday and Saturday

    T-Mobile seems to be freaking out about the imminent arrival of the Verizon iPhone: in order to prevent prospective customers from having their eye caught by Verizon’s multi-million dollar advertising campaigns and sexy new handset, the third-place wireless carrier is going to give their phones away for free this weekend.
    Starting on Friday, T-Mobile will be […]

  • Majority of prostitutes favor Facebook over Craigslist, Blackberry over iPhone

    Late last year, Craigslist bowed to public controversy and eliminated the erotic services of their website, which was a well-known place for prostitutes and escorts to advertise themselves online. Now that Craigslist is out of the prostitution game, what’s a poor working girl to do? Join Facebook, apparently.
    In a recent study conducted sociology professor Sudhir […]

  • Ben Heck creates a portable Sega CDX

    Ben heck is a renowned modder of all things tech related with previous Xbox 360 and PS3 console mods earning him well deserved praise in the community.
    Despite his quiet absence recently, Ben has hit back with another awe-inspiring mod, this time he has concentrated on the 90’s Sega CDX console.
    The CDX combined a Genesis and […]

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